Tree Removal Service

Summerville SC

Greetings ya'll from Summerville Tree Pros! As a locally owned and operated tree company in Summerville SC, we are grateful to have now served this beautiful community for over 30 years.

We tackle everything from the ground-up and top-down (tree trimming to tree removal to stump grinding), so that your lifestyle won't skip a beat whenever you require professional tree services.

From complex tree removals, lot clearing for new construction, or tree fertilization and tree diagnosis, our 24-hour tree service is always available to assist you when you need it most.

We have modern equipment that ensures efficient and effective work, while also having the best tree arborist and ISA service technicians in the Lowcountry. Whether you’re looking for seasonal tree trimming or storm clean up, Summerville Tree Pros is committed to our customer’s satisfaction.

About Us

Independently owned and operated, we’re a highly reputable tree company in Summerville SC. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, our affordable packages and tree protection plans ensure that our clients are covered from tree to tip.

We champion Southern values and believe in professionalism, safety, and trustworthiness whenever we visit your property. Built on pride and big on value, our tree service is committed to providing Summerville residents with the peace of mind they deserve. We offer FREE estimates on all our tree services, so call today to schedule a visit.

Tree Service in Summerville SC

Struggling to find a reliable and affordable tree company in Summerville you can trust? If you’re experiencing difficulties with storm preparation, tree removal, tree trimming, or any other tree service, our experienced ISA technicians and arborists are always standing by to assist you with your project.

Below is a list of all our tree services. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss how we can help you beautify your home with a seasonal tree trimming or possibly removing a dead tree that has become an eye sore. We love nature and all things trees, so call us today for a FREE estimate!

Tree Removal

From tree limb cutting and tree trimming, to tree felling and tree removal, our seasoned team of ISA tree technicians are experienced with all types of removals. Do you have a tricky property? Difficult accessibility issues? Concerned about damaging other areas of your home during the tree felling? Sit back and relax, our years of experience removing trees ensure that you and your family’s most valuable possessions are always covered. Rediscover your outdoors with our one-of-a-kind tree removal services.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Beautify your outdoor space with Summerville Tree Pros. From manicuring branches to tree health and tree care, we’re renowned for our exquisite designs and perfectly coiffed landscapes. If your property has been suffering from unsightly overgrowth, tangled treetops, and falling branches, our unique skillset can get your exterior back to basics quickly and efficiently.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Whether you’ve just bought a property with a traffic-stopping stump in the yard, or are trying to tackle the debris of a storm, our storm clean-up specialists and tree care pros are always ready to be dispatched to eradicate your home’s hindrance. From stopping continued growth, to eliminating it from the landscape, our team will leave your yard looking better than ever and in tip-top shape.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Are you experiencing leaning trees? Concerned about your tree’s well-being after a major storm? need to get down the root of your trees’ structural issues? With our tree protection plan and preventive maintenance, we can help you avoid costly tree removal by repairing your trees from the inside out. Stay stronger longer with Summerville Tree Pros.

Land & Brush Clearing

Clear the way for Summerville Tree Pros! Our team are land clearing gurus. From large commercial lots to heavily wooded areas, our brush clearing and lot clearing packages can clear the way for your projects in as little as a few short days. Whether you’re a developer, building your own home, or are giving your yard a complete makeover, our tree company is ready to help you get your property ready for its next chapter.

Emergency Tree Service

Summerville Tree Pros know that healthy trees and aesthetically appealing greens aren’t weather proof. We go to new heights for our customers every time we provide our amazing emergency tree service. We trim back overgrowth, tackle debris with wood chipping and even provide around the clock storm services for trees. When you want to focus on the bigger things in life, let our arborists tackle your tree troubles whenever life strikes.

Tree Company in Summerville SC

Our 24-hour tree service never sleeps. From middle of the night tree catastrophes to emergency brush clearing and storm clean up, our around-the-clock dispatchers are always on call to help you when disaster strikes. Don’t wait for morning to start protecting your property. Our tree service is always ready-to-roll, and its always fully loaded. Get in touch immediately by clicking the “Call Now” button or filling out our super easy digital form. However you connect with us, rest assured that we’re always a click or call away. If you need a quote on tree services in Summerville for your residential or commercial property, reach out to our tree company for a FREE estimate. We are happily awaiting your call.

“We hated our backyard. Backing onto a ravine it was full of brambles and bushes and dead trees. As our kids got older it became a hazard for them to even go near it. We wanted it gone as soon as possible. Summerville Tree Pros came to our rescue– we didn’t even get put on a waiting list. They brought everything with them and left our backyard looking like a forest had never even been there. Truly unbelievable.”

-Carrie S.

“Top-notch guys who really do have the best prices around. We call them for all our tree care needs. Always professional and always available. Definitely use them for anything outdoors.”

- Joel P.

“Our daughters are in love with these gentlemen. They were at our home for almost two weeks cleaning up after a major tropical storm. We actually couldn’t believe it only took them two weeks, our yard was a war zone. They were so kind to our little girls and they were honestly just so calming. Whenever I felt like I was going to have a breakdown, they were right there to make it better. Please call them, they are the best.”

- Maggie R.