We love South Carolina as much as you do, which is why we’ve made our home in Summerville, SC for numerous decades. We understand how special Summerville is, which is why our family has spent generations beautifying neighborhoods just like yours. From the sprawling lots to the quaint tree dottings by storefronts, we love the way Summerville champions green. We’ve built our entire business on how to keep Summerville looking and feeling great, and our clients are like family to us.

 Our kids are on the same football teams as your kids; they go to the same schools, attend the same activities, and play in the same parks. Our business is family-based and operates on family values. From trustworthy professionals to tree quotes that work with your budget, we’ve built our brand on honesty, integrity, and neighborhood handshakes
 We specialize in emergency tree service, tree care, tree health, and even tree disease. If you’ve got a problem we pride ourselves on being sure that we can solve it. Visit our contact page or hit the Call Now button to get in touch with our family-friendly arborists. We’ll help you see your world in a whole new light. With cost-effective preventive maintenance, routinely scheduled tree cutting and tree pruning, and annual onsite tree diagnostics, your trees will beautify your property while their troubles are kept at bay. Get in touch today and start streamlining your outdoor space instantly. Let our family help yours by calling Summerville Tree Pros today!