Emergency Tree Service

Are you in the midst of a midnight storm? Are you watching trees fall all around you? Are you waking up to a small disaster on your front lawn? Don’t worry, Summerville Tree Pros has you covered. From 2 am emergencies, to daytime catastrophes, our 24 hour tree service is always available to help you tackle urgent issues whenever they occur. From select pricing for our tree protection plan members to our extreme package discounts, we’ll make sure that your troublesome tree problem doesn’t take a bite out of your bank account.
Emergency Tree Felling and Emergency Tree Removal
If you have a downed or partially downed tree, we know that you need it remedied immediately. Creating hazardous conditions, and causing increased damage, downed trees need to be cleaned up quickly to prevent against further damage to your home and property. Our pros don’t wait for dawn and are always able to be dispatched immediately. Our 24 hour line is always open and our employees are always on-call. We don’t care if it’s still raining or the wind has picked up again, our experienced professionals are seasoned at providing emergency assistance in all weather conditions.
Emergency Storm Preparation and Emergency Storm Clean Up
At Summerville Tree Pros our biggest priority is your safety and security. We specialize in preventative maintenance plans that help you prevent storm-related issues before they strike. If unforeseen circumstances have already made your property a target, we can help you, at any stage, restore your property. From wood chipping to whole lot clearing, our arborists work with customers to determine a service and strategy that’s conducive to their needs. We work with insurance companies and bylaw officers to make sure that your claim is both compliant and executed properly. If you don’t know where to turn, just stay close and hug one of our Summerville Tree Pros.
Waste Removal
Our technicians do way more than tree removal. If your property is suffering from downed branches, displaced brush, and large limbs, our pros can help you haul your mess away. From limb cutting to removing downed trees from your properties, our team can restore your property in as little as one afternoon. We’ll remove all of your tree debris and transport it to our waste site so that you’re not stuck paying high-cost dumping fees and transport costs. When you need to get your life back to normal as soon as possible, Summerville Tree Pros is here to be your support system in your time of need.
Important Things to Remember During an Emergency
If you’re currently experiencing a natural disaster or a random Act of God, it’s important to stay calm and ensure that your family’s safety is being taken care of. Here is our safety list that you should follow before you call us!

Trees that are on power lines- Call 9-1-1 immediately if there is a fire or injury. Otherwise, do not venture out near that area and call your utility company immediately to report a downed powerline. If it is interfering with the road you can also make a post to your local social media page to alert other followers and neighbors. Call us after all of your important notifications have been dealt with.

  • Trees that have fallen or are resting on roofs- Call 9-1-1 for any emergency. If there is not one, do not proceed near the area due to the increased danger of falling branches or moving tree portions. Call your insurance provider to schedule a site inspection, then call us!
  • Trees that have broken windows or are stuck inside your home- Secure your inside area by closing doors to affected rooms and keep family members and pets away from it. Contact utility companies if there is also damage to power lines. Contact your insurer to schedule an immediate inspection. Book a hotel room if your space has become uninhabitable. Then call us!

Whenever you’re experiencing a life-endangering situation call 9-1-1 first and make your property calls second!