Land & Brush Clearing

When you’ve got a large amount of land to clear, and you need it cleared immediately, our trusted reliable, and professional lot clearing service is ready to work for you. Providing years of trusted experience and commercial guidance, Summerville Tree Pros is eager to help you conquer your commercial and residential projects. From small blocks to subdivisions, we specialize in landscaping plans, brush clearing, and land clearing to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. If you’re working under strict timelines, tight budgets, and troublesome bylaws, let our pros ease your building burdens with the large-scale arborist support only our tree service company can provide.
Commercial Clearing
Whether you’re clearing entire sections of land, or have specific trees you need you removed while leaving others remaining, our tree professionals can help you get your property ready for phase two. From entire teams of tree contractors to our strategy consultants, we’ll ensure that you’re always in the loop; receiving progress reports we’ll make sure you’re in constant communication with our team leaders. When time isn’t on your side and other company’s bids have exceeded your budget constraints, let our packages and professionalism get the job done right.
Residential Clearing
If parts of your property have become overgrown, overrun, and unsightly overtime, you likely want to start from scratch when developing your property’s unused spaces. Summerville Tree Pros specialize in residential property and lot clearing to assist you in increasing your outdoor space usage and lifestyle. From immediate projects to long-term planning, our pros work tirelessly to provide you with the added space you’ve been dreaming of.
Real Estate Development Clearing
If you’re a developer, getting your subdivision ready to build upon can be more difficult than building the homes themselves. From challenging landscapes to cleaning up the leftover debris, our real estate developments are designed with the needs of the developers in mind. Using a clearing strategy, timeline, and layout plan we work with other contractors to ensure that your land is cleared in an organized manner that’s conducive to construction. We can tackle tree removals first and stumps later, or work within one area at a time to ensure that sections are builder ready at the end of each day. Whatever your strategy or time constraint Summerville Tree Pros is eager to assist you.
Landscaping Overhauls
If your property’s exterior has slowly deteriorated over time, investing in a complete landscape overhaul can make more fiscal sense than improving your existing trees, greenery, and landscaping around the existing arbor. Our designers and arborists work with our clients and landscaping contractors to achieve perfect results easily, and with zero-hassle to our clients. From tree felling to limb cutting and waste removal, we work with clients to create a blank outdoor canvas that’s ready to be built on and landscaped immediately. From inhabited lots to abandoned properties, we’re happy to work with you and your design plan. Increase your home’s value and improve your lifestyle with our landscape-ready land clearing packages and services.