Stump Grinding & Removal

We’ve all been there! Your property has fallen victim to an ugly stump that has strategically placed itself in the middle of the yard. It’s the worst thing. From fallen trees to stumps leftover from tree felling, Summerville Tree Pros are experts at quick and efficient stump removal. We arrive onsite early and are often gone by the afternoon so that by the time you come home from work, you’ll be able to experience a brand new property; free of any noise, interference, or debris. We’re experts at simple stump removal and want to help you enhance your life with ourĀ unique service.

Leftover Stumps
If you chopped up your own tree after it fell, or were surprised to learn that stump removal wasn’t included with tree felling from another company, you’ll be eager to get it gone as soon as possible. Our stump grinding and stump removal services get down to the roots of the stump to ensure that your tree is no longer growing below ground by providing estimates and exams on any continuous growth that has occurred. We’ll grind your stump’s trunk below the surface so that you’ll be able to conveniently lay sod, patio stone, gardens, or accessories right on top of it. We guarantee it won’t regrow, and we’ll always ensure we clean up the mess before we go.

Lot Clearing
If you’re a commercial business owner or real estate developer that has had their lot cleared to make way for your next project, the sight of hundreds of stumps is sure to make you feel overwhelmed. Summerville Tree Pros dig down deep to ensure that your stumps are out of sight, out of mind, and that your project timing stays on track. From a few properties to multiple acres, we offer big commercial discounts for above-average tree maintenance needs. Let us help you stick to your budget and clean up your property with our diverse commercial tree care products and services.

Tree Removal Packages
Unlike many tree service and tree maintenance companies, Summerville Tree Pros allows consumers to package stump grinding and stump removal into their tree removal service. By doing this, our contractors only have to make one trip to your property. Cutting down on transportation costs, labor, and loading times, we pass on the savings directly to our customers. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and know hard you work for your money. Our affordable rates ensure that every customer can access our services conveniently and affordably.

Stump Diagnosis
If you like your stump, or if it’s playing an integral role on your property, you may not want to get rid of it, but you might not want it to keep growing either! Continued underground growth can cause your underground lines and housing foundation damage over time. Our tree service company provides stump diagnosis to help you ensure that your decorative stump isn’t causing you below-the-surface harm. In just a few hours our diagnostics can evaluate your stump and stop root growth in its tracks if necessary. Just hit the call now button and we’ll give you an insider’s look at your stump’s functionality.