Tree Cabling & Bracing

When you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to your tree but are concerned about its deteriorating condition, let Summerville Tree Pros take the lead. Our tree cabling and bracing specialists are seasoned at preserving your trees and ensuring their longevity for years to come. With top-of-the-line cabling and bracing products, combined with our structural specialists, we’ll ensure that your tree stands stronger longer, without causing your savings to account to fall.

 Tree Preservation

While trees can’t live forever, we certainly believe that they should be able to survive for their projected lifespan. Like people, trees get small diseases and sicknesses along the way. Our tree disease diagnosis can help you treat, correct, and prevent tree diseases easily to ensure that your tree doesn’t suffer from long-term damage. If your tree has already suffered catastrophic failures due to disease, growth issues, or weather, our cabling and bracing services can restore it in as little as a day
 Structural Support

By harnessing into the strongest parts of your tree, our arborists install rods and cabling equipment into both the strong and weaker areas to even out weight issues and provide structural support. We will eliminate unnecessary limbs and branches, and attach your tree to grounded supports systems when required. By stabilizing your tree it allows your tree roots to re-root as it begins to strengthen and support itself from the ground up. Adding in tree feeding services and tree fertilizer we’ll give your tree’s tree health a jumpstart to ensure that it’s growing fast and strong after the procedure
 Preventative Tree Maintenance

Once tree cabling and bracing are installed, your tree will need continued preventative maintenance. Our preventative maintenance service doesn’t tackle the cosmetics of your tree but instead focuses on its health and structure. Our preventative maintenance focus on tree limb cutting, tree trimming, crown reduction services, and cable and bracing examinations. Provided on quarterly basis’ we suggest having tree trimming and lighter services provided quarterly, while structural examinations only require once a year attention
 Long-Term Solutions

While you may not be able to predict the future, Summerville Tree Pros always likes to ensure that our services will protect your trees for years to come. We’ll never try to save a tree that can’t be rescued, and we won’t charge you for unnecessary services. However, in certain conditions, even trees with the most optimistic prognosis fall short of their life expectancy. From increased stress due to extreme weather to unforeseen disruptions on your property, our cable and bracing services are designed to preserve your tree in standard conditions and not in extreme environments. Our arborists will provide a complete examination of your tree and explain to you why, or why not, your tree is a candidate for restoration and preservation. With scheduled maintenance, we’ve been able to keep the majority of our client’s damaged trees upright for decades, and are confident that our commitment to preservation can save and support most tree types. If you’re concerned about your damaged or deadening tree reach out and book a consultation immediately