Tree Trimming & Pruning

Our arborists are a little particular when it comes to trees. From tree feeding to tree fertilizing, we’re always concerned about using the best products on the market, as well as the latest tools and technology, to enhance your tree’s longevity. When you’re looking to upgrade your property, reinvigorate your trees, and reclaim your valuable neighborhood curb appeal, let Summerville Tree Pros show you why we’re the best tree care specialists in South Carolina.

Tree Maintenance
Our one-off services and seasonal packages ensure that we have the perfect product and service for virtually every customer. We do everything from limb cutting to storm preparation to make sure that your property is looking and feeling its best. From once a week scheduled visits, to quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly checkups, we’ll ensure that your tree’s are not only thriving but that they’re not at risk of posing any dangers to people or property. Our packages offer incredible savings, and save you the hassle of booking on-the-spot arborists for last-minute needs.

Tree Protection Plan
When you’re subscribing to one of our service packages why not add on our total tree protection plan as well? Our tree protection plan strategizes the health of your tree through products, services, and pre-scheduled inspections. Subscribers to this plan avoid having to call in for bookings, wait times, and earn access to immediate emergency tree service response. Think of it as peace of mind for your arbor. When you want to sit back and watch the storm roll in, experience the support and strategic management from Summerville Tree Pros’ sophisticated suite of services.

Have you been so busy trying to keep up with your day-to-day life that secondary things like tree care have fallen to the wayside? Don’t give your property’s aesthetics another thought! Whether you’re at home, at the office, or away on vacation, we’ll come to your property at the same scheduled time to provide you with the ultimate in tree aesthetics services. From tree pruning to crown reduction, we’ll tackle the smallest twigs right up to the biggest branches. When you want to get your property as good looking as the rest of the neighborhood, our cosmetic services are sure to leave a lasting impression on your neighbors.

Total Tree Care
Our total tree care bundles routine tree care services with major services year-round. We combine weekly tree pruning and tree trimming with large scale products like crown reduction so that you’re capitalizing on each of our visits and enjoying major discounts for our larger services. By scheduling total tree care we can strategize our service offerings ahead of time and spread pricing out over a longer period of time so that you’re always saving while enjoying the benefits of a personal arborist. Reach out and learn how our packages can revitalize your property and pocketbook.